No, we are not irresponsible… we want answers, we want security!

A personal opinion we received from a participant.

It is amazing how things are happening at the moment. This is an unprecedented time in the history of aviation, and in many ways the history of mankind. However, it should be noted that humanity has faced this situation before. Actually, one could have assumed that man had learned from his mistakes.  Take for example the Contergan scandal. Countless children were injured not to mention untold numbers of stillbirths… When was that again? 1960. Actually not so long ago but apparently too long for many people to remember. What happened then was terrible and should never happen again. Did it ever happen again? Swine flu? Thanks to the intervention of courageous physicians, virologists and epidemiologists, the situation could have been much worse. Unfortunately, despite their greatest efforts, It was too late for many. Such things should never happen again…. Never again? Well ask yourself, what is happening right now?

In aviation, every flight accident is rigorously investigated. The cause most always be researched. There is always someone to blame and in the end, someone has to pay. But the real valuable thing about aviation is that if a mistake happens, we do everything we can to prevent that mistake from happening again. This is one of the main reasons why aviation is so safe. Now, many new technologies are being added. Over time, many new innovations have emerged and yet a lot has gone wrong even with new developments. New technology has to abide by the same protocols developed over time. Only when they have been comprehensively tested can they also help to advance aviation and flight safety. Now it is up to as many independent bodies, to test and certify and to ensure that everything works as it should.

But wherever money and power is involved, such important processes can unfortunately, let’s put it this way… be simplified and accelerated. Take a recent infamous example, the Boeing 737 Max. Airbus had a product that was already ready for sale and Boeing were lagging behind their competitor. Boeing were still trying to expand on a product that originated in 1965. A product that slowly reached its limits in terms of dimensions. Now something had to be done to ensure that the aircraft remains airworthy despite larger dimensions and larger engines. A novel system was developed. MCAS or (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), i.e. a system that automatically trims the aircraft in certain situations and thus avoids accidents. Boeing had to move fast. Unfortunately, the system was not properly tested, many pilots didn’t know that the system even existed and certainly not how it worked or let alone how to turn it off. What finally happened or had to happen, were two crashes, of technically flawless, new aircraft with almost 350 fatalities. It turned out that the new ’State of the Art’ technology was not so wonderful in certain situations. Now it wasn’t the MCAS, the plane or the pilots who caused the crash. No, it had simply never been fully tested in all possible circumstances. It was rushed out onto the market before all testing was completed. It was only when these two accidents happened that evident disregard for safety was exposed. Finally, they discovered that the Federal Aviation Authority had issued certification for the A/C without conducting the necessary independent safety protocols and inspection procedures. Instead they left testing and certification up to the manufacturer itself. A company under severe financial pressure to get the aircraft into production. Conflict of interest?

Why do I take this comparison? I think most people already know what I’m getting at. To all those who think, yes, but that’s not the same thing, I would like to recommend you read on and from now on ask yourselves the question: Why is it not exactly the same?

Let’s start with the name and replace MCAS with mRNA. After all, both sound new and: new is good right? We don’t really need to know what that is exactly. It’s new, that’s enough. Let’s assume, purely hypothetically, MCAS has been researched for 30 years, but was designed for use for Rocket propulsion systems. But due to necessity it was adapted for use on the new Boeing 737 because it ‘somehow fit’ and could potentially solve some unforeseen problems. It was exactly the same with mRNA. The technology is promising, new, unique. But actually, until then, this technology was mainly used to research the treatment of cancer. Then came the emergency. And let’s assume that this SARS-Cov-2 was actually not known up to this point. It therefore, couldn’t have been possible to test this technology on this new ‘novel’ corona virus. But research was carried out and within a (very) short time the miracle cure was already there. Thanks to joint research, worldwide. Independently? No matter, it’s new and: new is good. In the past, things were overlooked, but with“new technology” this can no longer happen…

You see what our fellow man can inflict on themselves!

Now, just imagine a brilliant IT specialist comes into play, who realizes until now, far too much time has been needed for these long and inconvenient certification processes. Faster is better. Lets launch “Operation Warp Speed”. After all, it has to sound good. And people no longer want to live in fear, they want solutions, no time to waste!  In the past,  things just moved way too slowly and now, unfortunately, there are still these “experts” who always see everything so conservatively and can’t stop complaining about this fast track idea. So…” Any one who questions our actions are obviously security freaks”. “They just want to slow us down”. “Should we call them “deniers or conspirators even”? So those who uncovered the swine flu vaccination scandal and have already saved humanity from that previous mistake, do we really have to pull this shackle along again? Its like we never learnt our lesson from that previous event. Now we’ve made a new, better, faster, cheaper and safer. Certain! 95 percent, if not 100 percent protection shield. And then you’ll be, oh so immune !!! Better than your body has ever been! Yes and there are no side effects or long-term consequences, (that we know of). After all, we did not program any side effects and long-term consequences into the test protocols. So, they don’t exist. And because they were so sure, the vaccine manufacturers simply released themselves from all liability under an Emergency Use Authorisation! “Despite being the first vaccines produced by Moderna and BioNtech in their company’s history, we shouldn’t burden these young companies with such inconvenient liabilities.”

So again the theoretical comparison with aviation: Actually, from now on we have to fly an aircraft that was produced by a company that is now building an aircraft for the first time in the company’s history. The aircraft was redesigned in a very short time and also has a new type of propulsion system that has never been used before on this kind of aircraft. Despite the fact that all materials are new (novel), not all long-term tests could be carried out in time. The aircraft has never been tested in winter or in bad weather conditions so we also don’t know how long the engines will function reliably. Would you think it wise to fly this aircraft or take responsibility for its passengers and crew?

Let’s go back in time… What is it today? Let’s start with the protective effect. I now deliberately leave out the number. But it is frightening how quickly such values can change. Immunity? Hasn’t the picture already changed enormously? Side effects? There seems to be more than expected. Dead? If you take official data, they are more than frightening. For a product that is still waiting for final approval, already so many deaths? Do the same guidelines no longer apply as for previous vaccines? Has a vaccine ever made it to a certification in which there are already thousands of deaths in Europe alone? We don’t even talk about the number of unreported cases. If the exact same standards apply as before, then this vaccine should not be tested on healthy people, let alone children, should it? The Netherlands refused to accept the flu vaccine a few years ago because FOUR people died from it. FOUR!! And now thousands of people around the world are dying from this vaccine after less than a year? At what point does the fear of a disease give way to the fear of vaccination? How long will it take to admit, the risks of adverse affects from this vaccination far exceed the risk of infection? Apparently, the consequences for children who have so far been unaffected now also have to be subjected to this experiment. We have to believe that Long-term consequences can be ruled out just as 95 percent protection can be guaranteed.

Here are a few figures from the USA from VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reporting System) – as of August 2021 (about 9 months after the introduction of these vaccinations):
Deaths: 13‘627
Hospitalizations: 55’821
Urgent treatment: 74’368
to the doctor: 100’966
Anaphyxlaxis: 5’721
Facial paralysis: 4’785
Permanent disability: 17’794
Heart attack: 6’071
Myocarditis: 5’093

The rule states that only about one to ten percent of side effects are The rule states that only about one to ten percent of side effects are reported or recorded. The reported side effects from the first months of 2021 alone are already higher than all vaccine side effects of the last approximately 30 years (USA). It must be mentioned that the American population was busy with the annual flu shots. So it is not apples compared with pears.

Who is looking at all these deaths and side effects? And above all, which independent bodies are now examining and investigating these cases? All the researchers, vaccine developers, virologists, epidemiologists, toxicologists and so on who have critically questioned the vaccine program are being purposely excluded and ostracized from the process! However, we trust our FOPH, RKI, EMA and Swissmedic. Exactly, the same institutions where the alarm bells still don’t seem to be ringing. And the media, of course…. What about the financing of the independent taxpayer-funded Swissmedic by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

Of course, it is also clear that the vaccine has also saved people. I’m not saying at all that the virus isn’t dangerous for certain people. But we have to look at which risk group we start from. And the fact is: A vaccination must not worsen the state of health of a person in principle. But it goes on. Now a booster that has just delivered the data from phase I is based on a vaccine that has not yet been conclusively assessed?

Unfortunately, that’s not enough. What happens now is now the darkest of all chapters. People who have asked themselves these questions and have developed an uneasy feeling, people who are not sure, people who may already have bad experiences with medicine, even such people are now forced to expose themselves to this system. Even if it can no longer be about herd immunity, even if it is now obviously only a self-protection. Even now, everyone needs to be vaccinated. Even if we can no longer estimate the consequences.

Now would be the time for those who provide important information to be heard. Not to mention, those who ask important questions. They are vital  now… for humanity and also for aviation safety. What exactly happens to our body? Why are there frequent cases of blood clotting disorders? What happens to our body while “flying” at high cabin altitude? What about the Long term effects? Why do all these immune-related phenomena occur? How do these symptoms develop over time? Why is Israel back in exactly the same situation as before their vaccination campaign? Why are the majority of people with severe cases doubly vaccinated? The questions are piling up, but the answers are getting fewer and fewer. There are only three answers: We follow the recommendations of the BAG, RKI and EMA.

Now we have arrived at our employer. We are also back to the Boeing example. The financial pressure or risk appears to be greater than the potential long-term health and safety risks. Is that really the case? Do we know? Can our employer rule this out? Will the company enforce a mandate with such a high risk and expense of our health? Is our employer liable for potential long-term consequences? How can “vaccine damage” be proven? How can our employer recommend something if they do not know the answers themselves? We don’t know. And because we don’t know, compulsory vaccination has got to be the lowest point of our career so far. If your long-time colleagues suddenly want to impose mandatory vaccination on you, but can’t answer these vital questions, then something is horribly wrong! They suddenly want to tell you, what you need to do. You’re suddenly a ‘conflict of interest’ for them. Their operational plans are at risk. Just because you can’t bring yourself to put your questions aside and submit to blindly to taking the ‘jab’! Passengers are now at risk from you, although for 18 months it has always been said: The risk of infection on board is very low.

Your superiors are now telling you that you have to do something against your will and only because they are concerned for your well-being !!! But at the same time, they exclude you for joint events, which should serve in the interest of team building. However, your self-paid PCR test and ‘Negative Result’ is just not good enough. Only those who have been vaccinated or recovered can be considered ‘safe’ now. But wait, what about the possible transmission by the vaccinated? No matter what question you have, you are still subjected to the same talking points “We follow the recommendations of BAG, RKI and EMA”. It was your superiors who demanded personal responsibility and active thinking from you so far. To make decisions that you can justify and have confidence in. It is now your role models who base your justifications on the well-known three answers. Your opinion doesn’t matter now…. your questions are not relevant. Only ‘they’ know what they are doing and only they are allowed to make your decisions on your behalf. Whereby, actually, these are directly from decisions made by BAG, RKI, EMA…

Nevertheless, we do not give up. We all want to look forward together again. Creating wonderful flight experiences together. Providing a great service and keeping our passengers happy. All we want, is to give our full commitment, professional and motivated efforts and to continue to be able to offer security at the highest level. Bringing ‘Our SWISS’ with pride to the world…. Be successful together again. Tolerant and open, just as our company wants to be. We wanted to be able to continue to do just that… whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. There is always a solution. Together!

My words may not always have been correct, and my statements were not always 100 percent serious. Maybe there was a dose of satire here and there. But despite everything, the words come from the heart. It’s an opinion… one of many… and they should have a place in our large SWISS family. Many are now concerned with existences, so unfortunately the emotions cannot be hidden.

Since there is currently great uncertainty and many emotions, not to mention aggression in the opinions from all sides, the author of this text remains anonymous.