Airliners for Humanity

This platform serves as an anonymous point of contact where like-minded people can get in touch. Here we can work together to clarify open questions. Together, we can manage to reconcile the interests of flight operations, the authorities and employees and, above all, make an important contribution to maintaining aviation safety.

The members of this platform consist of vaccinated and unvaccinated employees who do not agree with a general obligation to vaccinate SARS-Cov-2.

We are grateful for any support!

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To be clear: No, we are not opponents of vaccination. We are not Corona skeptics neither. We have supported and adhered to the measures since the beginning of the pandemic. We also did everything for the safety of our fellow human beings and passengers. We want to continue to do so and, above all, continue to ensure the safety of flight operations. However, we do not agree with the gradual introduction of vaccination poultoria for flight crews. There are many open questions, which unfortunately remain unanswered. Questions that can or will affect flight safety. We are committed to enlightenment. We firmly believe that the safety of employees and flight operations must take over all economic aspects. Especially now that new information is emerging every day, which must first be analyzed. Quick shots and hasty decisions contradict our basic idea. Decisions must be fully clarified before they are made.